Getting Involved in Your Community

By Asma Abu-Khater // Digital Marketing Intern

Everyday you probably stumble across a dozen posts about events, organizations, clubs, etc. yet you probably keep scrolling past them. This habit must stop. We must stop ignoring the efforts of organizations trying to make differences and impacts on our community. Find something you are passionate about and take the time to find how to get involved in it. Besides, if these posts are showing up on your feed then that must mean you have some interest in it. So take a few seconds and read what the post has to says, step out of your comfort zone and get involved. Volunteer with an organization and take a friend with you. Take the time to give back to your community.

People have become so consumed with social media and the sucking force it has on people.Tweeting and sharing things you’re passionate about is not enough. The energy it takes to press a button on your phone screen versus physically going out and getting involved is different, and it shows. Not only will getting involved make a positive impact on your own community, but you too will benefit from it. You will be able to gain new and exciting opportunities, create strong bonds with new people you meet, and most of all you will feel accomplished for working on something you truly care about and seeing the impact it has made on others. Whether it is a social club, political movement, community event, etc. the work you do will pay off. We must learn as a society to put action in front of our words. Rather than only being active online, put action to it and step behind the things you actually care about.

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