Textures This Fall

Style a textured look this fall with some of the pieces we’ve curated for you!

The Beige Black Side Split Cardi exudes a fresh look with minimal effort.


For a Neutral look: 

  • Black loose-fit or skinny jeans
  • Black top
  • Flat D’Orsay Shoes like these from Zara


  • Drawstring Bucket Bag from Zara


  • Ahfif White Edge Cotton Scarf in Linen



When dressing a statement piece, minimize accessories.

Casual look…

  • Girlfriend Jeans from H&M


  • White Short-sleeved top from H&M


  • Leather Chelsea Boots in Black or Brown from Zara

5605102040_2_1_1           5605102100_2_5_1

  • Soft City Hand Bag from Zara


  • Ahfif Taupe Premium Cotton-Wool Scarf


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How to Love Your Body

By Raeesa Ashique, Blog Contributor 

I follow several female trainers on social media because they provide inspiration and motivation in terms of how and why I go to the gym, and I read just about every training-related article on my newsfeed simply because one of these trainers posted it. Also, I love fangirling over successful women from all areas, whether they are athletes, human rights activists, politicians, or my fellow bloggers.

One article I read this summer was on body types, and it felt like a revelation. The three basic body types are ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. The first has a slim build and fast metabolism. These people find it difficult to gain weight, so bulking up is particularly difficult. The second is the opposite: they have a slower metabolism, and can gain both fat and muscle relatively easily, but find it difficult to shift weight. The third type is basically a happy medium: they have a naturally athletic build, and can gain or lose weight easily. Of course, most people don’t fit neatly into one category, but are some combination.

Okay, I’ll admit: the article wasn’t actually ground-breaking, but the information was tangible and scientific and provided some interesting perspective. First, it encouraged me to consider the most efficient eating and exercise habits for my body type in order to maximize my result, and second, it put a spin on the body image discussion. I realize I’m risking sounding like a broken record here, but I will add my two cents anyway.

The model build has created an unrealistic and unreasonable standard of beauty, which inherently makes no sense. How can there be a “standard” body type? But people believe it, because the media promotes it.

I became very conscious of this when I met Martha Hunt, the Victoria’s Secret model, this summer. She came to Toronto Eaton Centre to launch a new collection, and I got an autograph, which is slightly embarrassing to admit. (But come on, she’s gorgeous.) She was sitting behind a table signing photos, and my first impression – no exaggeration – was shock at how small her arms were. I’d become so accustomed to a certain image on ads and posters that it now seems like the norm, so I never consciously realized how ridiculously skinny models are.

I can tell you from experience that skinny should not be everyone’s goal. I won’t pretend to have body image issues, because it feels disrespectful to those with legitimate insecurities, but I used to hate being a twig as much as I hated when people pointed it out. I think it’s key for girls to understand this: skinny does not necessarily mean healthy, and being underweight is not desirable by those who are. Don’t aim to be skinny for its sake alone.

I’m still built like a thirteen-year-old, because I was tall for my age in eighth grade and haven’t grown in either direction since, but I don’t mind anymore. I wish I could say I had a transition moment, but the truth is that I didn’t – I just became accustomed to how I looked and developed my own sense of style, and that was that.

I would love for other girls to reach this point as well, so here is my advice: don’t subscribe to this idea that there is a standard body type. It is unreasonable and discouraging. For example, I could yearn to look like Kim Kardashian (I don’t, by the way), but I know I could squat every day for a year and never look like her. I’m just built differently. It’s the same idea for all these girls who want to be stick-thin.

Just remember that the grass may seem greener on the other side, but everyone has their own problems. Wanting to look like someone else is never the solution.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want abs like Kayla Itsines, because I would love to achieve her level of fitness. But don’t let this be the “be all end all” of your body image. Don’t hate yourself because you don’t look like Gisele. Don’t idolize the images that the media throws at us every day.

The only way to be happy is to accept your body the way it is, and move forward from there. Exercise, establish your own sense of style, wear clothes and makeup that make you happy. Don’t worry about impressing people, and don’t wait to “look good” to feel good. There is no single definition for attractiveness, and once you understand this, it all gets easier.

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Let’s Pop Some Tags

Thrift store: Blue Polka Dot Blazer-$5

Thrift store: Black Undershirt-$3

Hollister Jeans-$25

Windsor: Cream Heels-$20

By Ola Abuelhassan (from olaabu.com), Blog Contributor 

I’ll try to refrain from making anymore references from Macklemore’s Thrift Shop throughout this post, you’re welcome.

I sat here for a good five minutes trying to remember when the first time I went thrift shopping was and I honestly couldn’t. I can’t remember how, why, or what got me to that thrift store but I am eternally grateful (I hope you read that in the voices of the little aliens from Toy Story).

I’ve been thrift shopping for as long as I can remember and I grow to love it even more everyday. Not only am I paying pretty much nothing, but I’m actually getting quality stuff for it. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they ask where I got a really nice article of clothing from and I respond with “Oh I thrifted it for like 6 bucks”. I recently bought a Nike windbreaker for about $12 and that was sort of on the pricey side if I do say so myself. $12 is on the pricey side like just think about that for a second. I often find myself browsing through Forever 21 and saying “Uhm no thanks I can get that at the thrift store for like $3” and many of the friends I’ve turned towards thrift shopping now say the same thing.

Many people might be thrown off by the fact that everything is used but honestly that’s the part I love the most. Everything has a story behind it and every time I say that to one of my friends, I get the same response: “Okay Phoebe Buffay”. I’m not really complaining though, you can’t not love Phoebe. These pieces could have been passed down for years or bought just last year and only been worn once, either way it’s the unknown part that intrigues me. Just give the clothes a little wash and you’re good to go.

The best part however is that there is so much more than just clothes. I have little knick knacks around my room that are totally weird and random but hey they’re cute and were only like 50 cents. I’ve gotten back into reading a lot lately and the little library in my room is stocked up with books I got at the thrift store. 50 cents to a dollar for a book that normally retails for about $13 at Barnes & Noble? I think yes. It also opens me up to so many new books. I’m not losing much if I never do pick up that book again but it’ll still look real cute sitting there on my shelf.

Thrift shopping really gets me out of my comfort zone which I think we all need to do once in awhile. So get on Yelp, look for nearby thrift stores and secondhand shops and just go. Get that grandpa sweater and that obnoxious 80s blouse if you’re feeling it, again you’re not losing much. Even if it just hangs in your closet untouched, as many of my thrifted clothes end up because I was just feeling bold in the moment I purchased them.

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Ahfif Style Hacks: Layer On

Longer line layers are essential this season so embrace the trend with new Side Split Tops at Ahfif!

IMG_6098 copyWearing our Side Split Tops can’t get any more effortless! This long top features a high neck, cutaway bodice and deep side splits providing the perfect coverage for any look.

IMG_6102Summer styles this top in statement flats and jeans for a casually sophisticated look.

BLOG2 For a bold look, try bright colored pants for a flash of color. Have fun!


Ahfif Style Hacks: Elevated Basics

Basics, are the fundamental building blocks of your wardrobe. How does one nail a basic look, without looking, well, basic? Right now, there are two fashion enthusiasts / bloggers nailing this look: Mawluda & Nigara from @Twiicethestyle photocredit: @Lifeofmyheart

twiicethestyle low res 2015-06-20 (2)
Better Than Basic Tunic dressed down.

First up is Mawluda, from Twiicethestyle, showing off that slouch you crave, in the Better Than Basic Tunic from Ahfif.com, at a live-in-it affordable price.

twiicethestyle low res 2015-06-20 (16)
Better Than Basic dressed up.

Layering a cut-out sweater top adds a statement making detail to her look.

twiicethestyle low res 2015-06-20 (1)
White Oversized Dolman Top dressed up.

Nigara styles the White Oversized Dolman in both a dressed up and down style. Her secret between a dressed down and dressed up look? Shoes!

twiicethestyle low res 2015-06-20 (19)
White Oversized Dolman Top dressed down.

Mawluda & Nigara nailed these looks perfectly by adding their touches to elevate these basics to look unique, rare, but feel like it’s still just jeans and a tee. Get their look for 10% off when you sign up for the Ahfif newsletter here!

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