8 Amazing Muslim Women That We Are Inspired By

By Asma Abu-Khater (@asmaabuk) / Digital Marketing Intern Spring 2018

In celebration of International Women’s Day we put together a list of some amazing Hijabis that are breaking barriers and battling stereotypes.

Malika Bilal (@mmbilal)

@mmbilal/ via Instagram: @mmbial

Malika Bilal is an Al Jazeera English journalist, and is breaking many barriers and stereotypes being one of the first Muslim African-American hijab wearing women on a news show

Zehra Allibhai (@zallibhai)

@zallibhai/ via Instagram: @zallibhai

Bilal is a mother of two and is a certified trainer in Toronto, ON. She pursues her passion for athletics and brings awareness to how modesty does not limit a person in sports.

Hoda Katebi (@hodakatebi)

@hodakatebi/ via Instagram: @hodakatebi

Chicago based political fashion blogger Hoda Katebi is on the mission to use her platform to bring awareness to many important issues, including immigration. She is currently working on bringing together immigrant seamstresses and small fashion businesses to work jointly.

Halima Aden (@halima)

@halima/ via Instagram:@halima

Halima Aden is the first muslim Hijabi model to be signed to IMG, a modeling agency that signed Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. She is bringing awareness to Muslim fashion and has walked many fashion shows including, Kanye West’s Yeezy NYFW show, all while refusing to remove her hijab, becoming an inspiration to many.

Tahera Rahman (@taheratv)

@taheratv/ via Instagram:@taheratv

Tahera Rahman is a reporter who was often faced with the request that she remove her Hijab upon being hired. Yet, she persevered and is now a local reporter for Fox 18 KLJB in Quad Cities. She recently became the first full time Hijabi reporter for CBS news.

Amanda Saab (@amandasplate)

@amandasplate/ via instagram:@amandasplate

You may remember Amanda Saab on MasterChef in 2015. She is the first Hijabi on the show and currently has a food blog filled with many amazing recipes called Amanda’s Plate (amandasplate.com)

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir (@qis_mo)

@qis_mo/ via instagram:@qis_mo

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir is a Muslim basketball player for the University of Memphis. She is outspoken on her opposition of the FIBA’s ban on hijabs. The FIBA claims that the Hijab may cause injury, but, Abdul-Qaadir continues to fight hard and is changing the views on muslim women athletes.

Eman Idil (@emanidil)

@emanidil/ via instagram: @emanidil

Eman Idil is a muslim fashion blogger and journalist at CBC and Teen vogue. She is also a yoga instructor, writer for allure, and a fashion designer.

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