Using Women’s Bodies as a Battleground

Photo taken from The New York Times

Thoughts on the Burkini Ban

By Aishah Waheed, Blog Contributor 

With the recent news surrounding the burkini ban it is easy to forget our true values of religion and what our main focus should be on. We are always being suffocated with physical-appearance-obsessed news on a daily-basis. Whether it be covering too much or covering not enough (and as of recent, the validity of wearing no-makeup!), this subject is given so much importance that it is easy to be so focused on this and forget other aspects of ourselves that are more significant.

We spend time, (as society tells us to do!), obsessing over  just our appearances, but even then it feels like we’re on our own hamster wheel as you’re always trying to keep up with what society deems as appropriate. Society and the western cultural norms criticises its own kind so you or I coming with our hair covered or with our loose clothing isn’t going to sit well. Sometimes we will win, other times we will have others norms imposed upon us.

It’s time we stop looking for acceptance in places where we will not find it. It’s time we start focusing on the real you, which is your inner self. That is the most important and precious part of yourself yet we are not taught to beautify it. It is that beauty which touches hearts and souls and is the solution to the breaking down of the barriers and walls that society has created.

Improve yourself to become the best version of yourself. That is the greatest gift to you from you and the best thing about it, you can be in any place across the globe, in whatever situation it does not matter, as this change is within you. It is something you and only you control.

I’ve seen caged souls in so-called free countries and I’ve seen free souls that are caged in prison-like countries. Freedom starts from within, it is knowing that no one or nothing is more powerful and more loving than God. It is cherishing that love and building that connection with Him knowing Him and Him alone controls everything. It is knowing that you only need to find acceptance with Him.

So with this thought in mind, I leave you with this beautiful quote :

“The best revenge is to improve yourself.” – Imam Ali (May Allah be pleased with him)

Check out this site that promotes a methodology in self-evaluation, removing of ego, and beautifying of character.

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