#BOSSMUSLIMAH GIVEAWAY- What Does it Mean to be a Boss Muslimah?

By Sumayya Tobah, Editor 

I’m going to be upfront about this from the start — there is no one way to be a Boss Muslimah.

She doesn’t come from a specific global region. Muslim women from all over the world are doing amazing things, no matter where they’re from, where they grew up or where they’re living now. Whether you’re a little bit of a nomad (like me) and those are all different places, or you’re a hometown girl and been in one place your whole life, you can still be a boss.

She doesn’t have a look. Although many do wear the hijab, an equal fraction choose not to. And the Boss Muslimah does not buy into society’s obsession with what women wear. Hijab, no hijab, niqab, shorts, bikinis; society is obsessed with policing, discussing and analyzing the exterior of Muslim women the world over. Not only is this incredibly annoying and tiresome, but it causes us to forget about the real issues and concerns of Muslim women. The Boss Muslimah knows this. She supports the choices of her sisters and fights those who pressure them otherwise.

She doesn’t have a set level of religiosity. Part of the beauty of Islam is that it allows for a range of opinions and interpretations. And as human beings, our spirituality is fluid; it fluctuates and moves freely, and the boss Muslimah allows her sisters (and brothers) the freedom of living without judgement and is in constant remembrance of her own humanity and imperfections.

She’s totally allowed to feel flawless every once in a while though.

She doesn’t have to be outgoing, or quiet. She doesn’t have to be a social media star, or a total hermit. She can be all kinds of wonderful, brilliant, ambitious, wholesome, outrageous, sensational and free.

She just has to be.

I have met boss Muslimahs with hands rough from working all day. They have sturdy bodies and stubborn minds. I have met boss Muslimahs with aching back from carrying their children. They work, pray and breathe for their families. I have met boss Muslimahs with tired eyes, eyes dry from classrooms, board rooms, courtrooms and operating rooms. They are our professors, teachers, doctors and mentors. We all know them. They inspire us;  the more we recognize them and celebrate their qualities, the more we can embody those qualities and become an example to the next generation of Muslim women.

With this blog, we hope to recognize not only the numerous boss Muslimahs in our lives, but also the little quirks and qualities that make us total bosses.


What makes you a Boss Muslimah? Share a picture, on Instagram,  of yourself or of someone in your life and tell us why you (or they) are a #BossMuslimah. You will be entered into the Boss Muslimah Giveaway to have a chance to win a collection of Cotton Wool Scarves!

Remember to: 

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