#BOSSMUSLIMAHS Launch & Chat w/ Noor Tagouri

As Women’s Appreciation month comes to an end and we enter the month of April, Ahfif is working to ensure that the celebration of women continues on throughout the year. We are excited to announce the official launch of our #BossMuslimahs blog and campaign.

#BOSSMSLMS is an inclusive movement designed to uplift, exhibit and inspire women from the Muslim community. We aim to create a platform that provides a voice that promotes empowerment of women – whether it be through education, fashion, spirituality, family, or the workplace.

To kick off the movement, I, Aaliyah Sade:  Ahfif ambassador, flew out to Orlando, Florida to host the first Ahfif: Boss Muslimahs meet and greet at the University of Central Florida’s MSA Muslim Fest. While at UCF, I attended Noor’s “10,000” talk, had the pleasure of meeting with young women from the MSA of UCF, and personally chatted with Noor Tagouri.

Below is the full interview along with clips from the meet up and giveaway.


#BOSSMUSLIMAHS Launch & Chat with Noor Tagouri


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