#AHFIFTALK with CEO & Creative Director

Do you know the story behind Ahfif? CEO & Creative Director, Hafifa, spills on some lessons learned from building California based online-boutique, Ahfif:

Relying on my sister’s closet for my style inspiration during college wouldn’t exactly qualify me to be a “fashion icon”. I was transitioning from basketball jerseys, hoop earrings and Jordans in high school and had to quickly adapt to the young professional look found at H&M, Zara and wherever I shopped those days… on top of that, becoming a full time “hijabi” only made the struggle more real (this is certainly a story for another time).

My experience with styling and curating pieces at Ahfif required me to really look within and be authentic to my personal taste, artistic eye and creative process. This introspection required me to be OK with loving casual laid back looks, being OK with not being comfortable with the fashion industry, and realizing the simpler things like preferring sneakers over heels. I came to realize there are other Muslimahs who can certainly relate to this and that’s what continues to inspire the Ahfif brand.

Two years after the launch of Ahfif, I’ve learned this:

  1. Your clothes don’t define you, you define your clothes. Style and clothing are merely accents of our personality. No matter how many compliments we get.
  2. Makeup should be an artform. Not a confidence booster. Not a mask to hide our “blemishes”. We are beautiful because God says so. Period.
  3. Your money is power, use it wisely. This was the best advice I received from an older, wiser woman entrepreneur. There’s nothing better than supporting small businesses. You can buy fruit from that corporate shopping center, or fruit from the local farmer that helps feed his children.
  4. Question the ethical practices of companies, brands and the food we eat. The world isn’t perfect, but we can support the ones who try to be along the way.
  5. The fashion industry is relentless, and I don’t fit in. And I’ve learned to be OK with this. I’ve met the starving models. I’ve seen the lack of diversity and witnessed brands that perpetuate this. And the list goes on.



I’m excited to announce, that moving forward, we will be using this blog as a thought-provoking platform to inspire a conversation that promotes the Ahfif lifestyle: modesty, simplicity, and sensibility. We’re looking forward to a great launch! Stay tuned.

S H O P   A H F I F

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