Your City, Your Style: NYC Edition with Sobi

Sobi makes a strong case for effortless looks, her best style advice and the miracle shirt – read up on what inspires her!

How does your city influence your style?
NYC: The concrete jungle. I think those words itself inspire my style. It’s fused with so many different people of different cultures and ethnicities, making the city as urban as it gets. Needless to say, there’s never a dry moment for me when strolling the streets. There’s always something new and exciting to see and do, which is exactly what fashion is all about, becoming inspired by everything exciting that surrounds us.
Sobi's Style
What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve been given?
Nothing, I think I’ve made a solid effort to give myself my own style advice. And by my own style advice I mean: I wear whatever feels right and good, it’s as simple as that. Oh and, when in doubt: wear black, that’s always the better option.
Sobi in Side Split Top
Tell us what you love most about your favorite Ahfif item?

My favorite Ahfif item is definitely the Grey Slit Top I recently rocked at ISNA 2015. I’m all about comfort, versatility, and little effort needed to make me look even a tad put together and that slit top hit exactly those three requirements for me. I’ve recently became rather cautious when adding new things to my wardrobe because I’ve found that I tend to wear my most comfortable and versatile pieces excessively while the other two thirds of my closet picks up dust before hitting the donation pile. The top can be paired with skinnies, culottes, a bandage maxi skirt, a leather jacket etc. Four different looks with the same top, miracle shirt am I right?!

S H O P  N O W

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